Classes at McKee Schools

Core Program
Our basic program consists of Synchronized Play Episodes in Spanish for 3 hours each day. These are fun activities in each of six categories: art, games, drama, shop, kitchen, and sports. In their first year, children should be in the all-Spanish environment of the play activities for 5 days each week. A 3-day/week option is also available for children who already have 1 year of Spanish experience. New students may also enroll in the 3-day option, but we strongly discourage it. (See "3-day option for new students" and "transitioning to an all-Spanish environment" [links]). Each school has a morning session and an afternoon session with the core program. Children range in age from 3 years old to 8 years old, but the most common age is 4 and 5. Older children do well in the core program, but because of scheduling conflicts with school, the after-school classes for older children twice a week (see below) might be more suitable for them.

Morning (M,T,W,Th,F): 8:45am-11:45am

Afternoon (M,T,W,Th,F): 12:30pm-3:30pm

5-day/week program: $355/mo. (approximately $6.67/hr.)

3-day/week program $235/mo. (approximately $7.34/hr.)

Advanced Program
We also offer advanced programs for children who have participated in the core program for 1-2 years and have achieved functional fluency in Spanish speaking and listening comprehension. In advanced classes, children continue to improve their speaking and comprehension skills with fun activities in an all-Spanish environment, but also begin to learn reading and writing in Spanish. Learning to read and write in the foreign language is essential to retention of speaking and comprehension ability in the language. Reading and writing also helps children polish their syntax (ability to use and follow grammar rules) and increase vocabulary in the new language. Research has shown, though, that to become a successful reader, a child must have good verbal skills. This is why McKee schools do not teach reading and writing until the second or third year the child is in the program, unlike most foreign language programs that start with reading from the beginning in the form of worksheets and textbooks. In Basic Reading classes children (up to 12 in a class) begin learning the Spanish alphabet and how to sound out words, they also learn to read stories in their own vocabulary. In Elementary classes, children (up to 15 in a class, but usually 8-10) read stories, learn spelling, and continue age-appropriate activities to practice their verbal skills.

Call to find out which classes are offered at the location nearest you.

(Please note that we try our best to provide level-specific advanced classes, but we often combine smaller advanced classes if any level has less than 6 students)

After-school Classes for Beginning Level Children
McKee Schools also offers Spanish for children ages 1st to 5th grade who are at a beginning level of Spanish. Classes are for about 2 hours each day for 2 days a week. Children participate in an all-Spanish environment in fun activities adapted for elementary age children in each of the six categories (art, games, drama, kitchen, shop, and sports). Call to see if after-school classes are available at your location.

After-school Classes: 3:45-5:30 (T,Th; call about availability for other days) $135/mo.

Classes at McKee Partner Schools
McKee Language Schools has partnered with other schools to provide Spanish classes at those schools. This is a convenient option for children to go to Spanish classes two or three times a week after school. Since the classes are held at the school, parents don't need to pick their children up to take them to Spanish. The program for these classes is the same as After-school classes for beginning children described above. If your school would be interested in having McKee Language Schools offer after-school classes at the school, please contact Jared Hansen at our administrative offices at 801-374-8854 or 800-349-1846.

After-school Classes at partner schools: Varies according to school, please call for times and locations

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