Our Story

Our Story
Our story started more than 30 years ago with Dr. Trevor McKee (1933-2001). He wanted to develop a way to teach his children Spanish at a young age. He was shocked at how difficult it was despite his years experience as a Spanish teacher. Through many years of research and experimenting with different methods, coupled with an advanced degree in human development and psycholinguistics he was able to formulate the best process for children to learn a foreign language in. From his achievement, he was able to develop the McKee Language System, a method for successfully teaching children a second language starting as young as age three. For parents interested in raising their children in a foreign language (non-native language to both parents), Dr. McKee Language School quickly became the best system.

Dr. McKee discovered that children’s underdeveloped cognitive processes make it inefficient—and sometimes impossible—to learn a new language the way adults learn. Children needed hands on, fun activities to keep their attention and to allow them to actually use the language in a natural context rather than trying to teach them rules about how the language works, whether directly or through contrived game-like exercises.

Dr. McKee co-founded International Language Programs (ILP) in 1992 to use the McKee Language Systems to teach English to children overseas. ILP has used McKee Language Systems to teach thousands of children English in countries like Russia, China, Mexico, Japan, Ukraine and other countries.

In 2001 Dr. McKee was finally able to start teaching Spanish again with the McKee Language School that started in Salt Lake City. His children were grown, but his grandchildren were the perfect age to start learning Spanish. As more parents found out about it, demand grew, and now ILP operates 2 McKee Language Schools in Utah. Hundreds of preschool, kindergarten, and primary grade children have learned to speak Spanish at McKee Language Schools.

We offer the best environment for learning a foreign language for preschoolers and elementary age children. We are always happy to explain the McKee Foreign Language Program in more detail. Call us today and start learning how a second language can benefit your child.

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